Thursday, October 3, 2013

Choosing The Right Nude Lip Color For Your Skintone

 In a sea of nude lipsticks, it can be hard to choose! A lot of women shy away from this lip color, due to the fact that they think is washes them out. I'm here to tell you that that is not always the case. If you have the correct shade for your skin tone, a nude lip can be very sexy yet subtle for those who don't want to go to bold with their lip colors. A nude lipstick is wearable for everyone, and can be worn on every occasion. If you don't own a nude lip color, I suggest purchasing one. This type of lip color is the most versatile of all, and you will get your money's worth. Finding a nude lip shouldn't be a guessing game, below is a guide to nude lips for every skin tone.

Light/Fair Skin

If you have light/fair skin like I do, you know how many nude lips colors completely blend in with your skin, and end up making you look like a ghost! Your best bet is to choose a nude lip color with pink tones. The pink tones look natural, without completely blending in to the color of your skin. A good example of a pinky nude-ish color like this would be : M.A.C.'s Creme Cup. This is one of M.A.C.'s cream sheen finishes, which I love. Not to dry, not to glossy. If M.A.C. is not in your price range, here are some dupes: Wet-N-Wild in "Think Pink", and Maybelline's "Born With it".

Medium Skin 

 If you have a medium skin tone, your nude colors are going to be a little darker than the fair skin's nude.  Usually this skin tone looks best in a nude in the beige and brown color family, with a pink tone to it.  Here are some examples for medium skin, the plus side is that these products are super cheap! 902C Bare It All by Wet n Wild & Kate Moss by Rimmel London #14.


Dark Skin

When choosing a nude for dark skin, you don't want to go too light, this will make you appear clownish. The darker your skin, the darker the color needs to be, to look as natural as possible. An example would be Bobbi Brown's 'Cocoa', or M.A.C's 'Stay In Touch'. Dupes: The Body Shop's lipstick in 'Vanilla'. Shown below is Bobbi Brown's 'Cocoa' and how it looks on the lips.

What's your go to nude lip color?


  1. Love all of these lippies! Especially the Kate Moss shade.
    xox, Cheri

  2. I like the slightly pink-tinted one.

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)

  3. I love the Kate Moss #14 lipstick - I've been thinking about getting that one soon because I think it's a great nude!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. All of the colours here are so nice! I like the medium one :)